W-Cleveland RTX-3 2017  Cavity Wedges

W-Cleveland RTX-3 2017 Cavity Wedges

This is an introduction to the new Cleveland RTX-3 Cavity back wedges. We only brought in a couple of these jewels. The cavity back makes these guys slightly more forgiving (slightly). Be aware, Cleveland has move the sweet spot toward the toe area. This is due to the masses normally strike the ball in that area. They have adjusted their sole designs to reflect a bounce dot system. 1 dot low bounce, 2 dots medium bounce and 3 dot for high bounce. Decision on the dot would depend on where you play. Here in South Texas I would not advise anyone to play the 3 dot, the 1 or 2 would work much better. They have also made their grooves a little smaller (more grooves) and deeper for more spin. We have the following in stock ready to ship.
RTX-3 CB Tour Satin 52*/10*
RTX-3 CB Tour Satin 56*/11*

Base Price: $129.00
Freight: $12.00

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